After a diagnosis of breast cancer and subsequent surgeries, followed by chemotherapy there was a waiting period before radiation began.

During that period, I took my wife to Rome as a diversion from her worries. We had a great time and visited many of the sites that has made Rome the Eternal City.

By this time, the chemo left her bald and she decided not to wear a wig. I thought she was beautiful and we had lots of fun joking about it.

My best memory though, was the evening we visited the Spanish Steps and we were at the bottom of that magnificent site. There were some shops there and one was a dress shop with about seven or eight mannequins being dressed-none had wigs on so all were bald as the dress shop employees were dressing them.

 Without delay, my wife walked over to the window and struck a pose, joining the bald mannequins in the window. 

It was at that moment, I knew that my wife was going to be fine as she prepared for her rounds of radiation.