I sit here day to day, telling myself this will go away. I think I should record my thoughts but nothing flows. 

The teachers say, write down a word, any word, and the rest will come. It’s proven difficult as the virus seems to have clogged out all rational thought.

Maybe it’s the imposed solitude but I’m sort of enjoying this time. I guess it hasn’t been totally fruitless as I am beginning to try to imagine what our “new” world will become. 

It’s becoming obvious that there will be a “new normal”, but we are unsure what the “new normal” will be.

We won’t be able to be as freewheeling as we were in the past, but we will adjust to what needs to be done. When that will be, no one knows. The one thing I know is that we will adapt and we’ll get used to our new life.

Meanwhile, I’m sure we all are taking stock of our lives, perhaps realizing the priorities of the old ways no longer exist and, in some respects, were not really important.

I wonder if we will rush to rejoin the groups we used to cluster with or will we be more cautious and judicious this time around.

We are social animals so we will rush out to see our friends and loved ones, but what about touching and hugging and kissing? Will we be more cautious or will we return to our old ways?

One thing is for sure. We all have different needs and desires. We will modify our approach to these needs and still be able to fulfill them. 

Meanwhile, social distancing isn’t all bad. We are given a period to pause in our lives, look at the path we have previously been traveling on and think about a course correction, if need be.

May is here, with all its beauty and we should take advantage. Hopefully the Governor will reopen the parks so we can watch the new birth that May brings.

If that’s not possible now, plant a couple of flowers in your yard or in a pot and watch Mother Nature take its course. The Earth is renewing itself and the decrease in pollution is making it even more beautiful. So there are silver linings even in the most dire of situations.

The Sole Sistas wish you all good health and we hope no one gets infected. We’re not in a position to give medical advice, let’s leave that to our doctors.

There is one piece of advice that we would like to share.

We don’t think you should be listening to the crackpot drivel coming from the White House. Clorox injections and so forth will only harm you.

Once again, we ask you to share your thoughts with us. Funny stories, sad stories, haikus or poems. 

Just email them to us and we will publish them. Remember, this is your web site, so feel free to use it.

Stay healthy and well. We can’t wait to see you all again.

Stay home-Stay safe.